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Tyco Telecommunications and NEC Begin Construction of Unity Cable System
Publication: Sea Technology Magazine
Summary: Tyco Telecommunications and NEC recently announced the commencement of construction on the Unity Cable System, a high-bandwidth transpacific optical submarine cable system that will link Los Angeles, California, to Chikura, Japan.

BP GoM: Next Generation Offshore Fiber
Publication:Ocean News & Technology
Summary: BP GoM: Next Generation Offshore Fiber - By Rob Munier, Tyco Telecommunications and Kurt Haaland, BP America, Inc., published in Ocean News & Technology

Communications Technology Evolves To Better Serve the Offshore Industry
Publication:Sea Technology Magazine and
Summary: In order to accommodate oil and gas companies who are increasingly moving their platforms farther away from shore, Tyco Telecommunications continues to evolve its technology, making it possible for these platforms to enjoy reliable, secure, cost-effective and expandable communication connectivity.

Internet outages raise terror fears Mar 10, 2008
Summary: Frank Cuccio, managing director of marine services at Tyco Telecommunications says: "Proper design and installation is the first-order mechanism to prevent damage to a cable network."

TSA Forecasts a Vibrant Submarine Cable Market through 2010
Publication: TSA Newsfeed - January 22, 2007
Summary: TSA announces the 2007 edition of the Radar Screen Report®, the annual forecast and year-end review of the state of the submarine cable industry. The report concludes that the industry’s recovery that began in earnest in 2005, has continued through 2006 and that the next few years should see a true boom period of submarine cable building.

Special Report: Cable Ships of the World
Publication: SubCable News - November 2006
Summary: The Tyco Telecommunications fleet of cable ships has navigated the world for decades, installing and maintaining more than 350,000 km of the undersea fiber optic cables that shape the backbones of international telecommunications networks worldwide. The Reliance class cable ships, delivered in 2003, are some of the most capable and innovative in the industry.

Special Report: Submarine Networks World 2006
Publication: SubCable News - November 2006
Summary: The 9th Annual Submarine Networks World 2006 Conference concluded on a high note at the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore from 3-6 October 2006. The event attracted 165 participants from Asia and beyond and attendees were primarily high-level senior executives.

Tyco Telecommunications Chosen to Construct 1400-km Undersea Fiber Optic System in the Gulf of Mexico
Publication: SubCable News - November 2006
Summary: Tyco Telecommunications has signed a contract with Houston-based BP America Inc. to supply an undersea fiber optic system serving offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The system will comprise the undersea backbone of a regional communications network, providing diverse connectivity from BP’s Gulf of Mexico offshore production facilities back to the regional operating center in Houston, Texas.

Tyco Telecommunications to charter CS Teneo to OHM PLC for Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration Work
Publication: SubCable News - November 2006
Summary: Tyco Telecommunications has chartered the CS Teneo to UK-based Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc (OHM) for a period of five months, with extension options. The CS Teneo will function as the support platform for a number of CSEM surveys being conducted by OHM in North West Europe, West Africa and the Falkland Islands.

Communications technology that can weather any storm
Publication: SubCable News - October 2006,
Summary: When considering the importance of their communication systems and determining which communications system to choose, oil and gas companies must consider that proven innovative high performance communications solutions, like undersea cables utilizing OADM, can increase revenue, profitability and oilfield yield, lessen environmental impact, and improve worker safety.

MTR 100
Publication: Marine Technology Reporter - June 2006,
Summary: The MTR 100 presents information on the 100 leading companies that serve the undersea technology market with concentrations in scientific, commercial and defense specializations

Tyco Telecommunications Perfects the Art of Laying Cable
Publication: Marine Technology Reporter - April 2006,
Summary: With more than 350,000 km of installed and maintained fiber optic cable under its belt, Tyco Telecommunications turns an eye toward providing wide-bandwidth fiber optic communication pipelines for the burgeoning offshore oil and gas market.

BP plans fiber-optic cable link to offshore platforms 08/23/2006
Summary: The vice president of BP’s Gulf operations talks about fiber-optic cable link to offshore platforms.

Telecommunications Project Extended To More Islands
Publication: The Bahama Journal
Summary: Last year, the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) entered into a contract with TYCO Telecommunications to install the fiber optic cable to connect 14 islands of The Bahamas. Minister of Works and Utilities Bradley Roberts announced Monday night that a $60 million fiber optic cable system will be extended to Grand Cay, Moorse Island and the Berry Islands.

In the Spotlight - Tyco Telecommunications
Publication: Currents - MARCH/APRIL 2006 • VOLUME 29, NO. 2 News from the Marine Technology Society
Summary: This edition of the Marine Technology Society's Currents publication features Tyco Telecommunications "In the Spotlight"

Bill Marra's Interview by Telecom Asia - Back for good
Publication: - Dec 13, 2005
Author:John C. Tanner
Summary: Telecom Asia's John C. Tanner interviews Bill Marra, "In the wake of the bandwidth bubble bust..."

Wholesale Bandwidth for the New Age of Telecom
Author: Ignacio Ugalde
Summary: The Tyco Telecommunications Industry is changing and
Tyco Telecommunications, a business unit of Tyco Electronics,
is leading the way in re-defining the new industry structure.

Tyco Decisive Christening
Author: Sara Pratt
Summary: The CS Tyco Decisive was christened on May 30th in Baltimore,
Maryland at Tyco's Fleet Operations Center.

Tyco Dependable Christening
Author: Andy Kowalik
Summary: Tyco Telecommunications christened its newest cable ship, the Tyco Dependable,
on January 21st, 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii during Pacific Telecommunications Conference 2003.

Survival of the Leanest
Author: Marsha Spalding
Summary: Over the past two years a paradigm shift has occurred in the telecom
industry; many companies whose generous spending created expansive, technologically
advanced networks now lay nearly in ruins, staggering under the immense weight of
operating costs.

OPEX As A Competitive Advantage
Author: Andy Kowalik
Summary: An overview of the importance of low OPEX cost structures and
how network operators can use this as a competitive advantage.

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