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Fiber Optic Cable to Connect Sakhalin Island to TTC’s Existing Digital Network Backbone across the Tatarsky Strait

MORRISTOWN, NJ - June 27, 2006 --

Tyco Telecommunications, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology and marine services, today announced it has been selected by TransTelecom Company (TTC), a leading Russian backbone operator, as the sole provider of the first undersea communications system connecting the Sakhalin Islands to TTC’s digital mainland backbone. The network, to be laid across the Tatarsky Strait, will eliminate the Region’s dependence on the expensive and less-reliable satellite channels it had previously utilized for communications.
 “Until now, Sakhalin Island’s disconnect from the mainland seriously limited its access to the existing state-of-the-art communications system,” stated Sergey Lipatov, president of TransTelecom Company. “With Tyco Telecommunications’ solution, TTC will now offer government organizations and commercial clients in the region most in-demand services including high-speed Internet access, inter-city and international communication channels and ultimately long-haul services throughout Russia.”
The 2006 project implementation will deploy 214 km of STM–16 equipment (2.5 Gbps) 1 meter under the seabed of the Tatarsky Strait. The chosen depth and burial method will enhance the reliability of the network and will significantly decrease the probability of accidental damage to the cable by ships’ anchors.

“We are proud to spearhead the delivery of subsea communications to Sakhalin Island and enable this fast-growing region to take full advantage of TTC’s tremendous communications backbone in mainland Russia,” stated Bernard Logan, director of sales for Tyco Telecommunications. “Our partnership with TTC is a good example of Tyco Telecommunications’ ability to provide high-bandwidth, highly reliable communications solutions worldwide.”

About Tyco Telecommunications
Tyco Telecommunications, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology and marine services, is a leading global supplier for today's undersea communications requirements.

Drawing on its heritage of technical innovation and industry recognized performance, the company delivers the most reliable, high-quality solutions to organizations with undersea communications needs vital to their core mission. In more than five decades of operation, Tyco Telecommunications has designed, manufactured, and installed more than 80 undersea fiber optic systems around the world. Tyco Telecommunication's global presence, backed by industry leading research and development laboratories, manufacturing facilities, installation and maintenance ships, depots, and management team work together to implement integrated solutions and network upgrades, with unsurpassed reliability, that support the needs of telecommunications, Internet providers, offshore and science customers worldwide.

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CJSC “TransTeleCom Company”
The “TransTeleCom Company” (TTC) was established in 1997. Its stockholder is the “Russian Railways” Joint-stock Corp. which holds 100% of its chartered capital. The Company TransTeleCom is the biggest operator of fiber optic communication network in Russia with length of more than 50000 km. This network was installed along the railways of the country, has more than 900 PoP’s in 71 out of 88 regions of Russia and connects Europe and Asia.

Today the TransTeleCom Company is a leading national telecom operator. It is a dynamically growing company, which permanently expands its innovative communication services by responding quick to ever increasing market demands. According to the sales incomes from telecommunication services, the Company is one of the third leading alternative operators of fixed connection and constituent operator of the Russian Telecommunication market.

TTC has completed updating of the network on the basis of spectral interlacing technology (DWDM), having created the largest in Russia and fully geographically reserved DWDM-network with the total length 22 425 km. In the project of network implies development the possibility of further growth of carrying capacity up to 400 Gbit/sec and was made a decision of further geographical expansion of network. Application of DWDM-technology will allow to considerably improve telecommunicational and informational providing of railroads and extend range of provided communication services for exterior users.

One of the important principles of its work is comprehensive approach to provision of services. TransTeleCom Company has a wide range of licenses in the communication sector and implements ready-to-use telecom solutions. The creation of virtual private networks (IP VPN) has become the “business card” of the company at the Russian telecommunication market.

The TransTeleCom Company works actively at both operators’ and corporate markets. Up to today, the company has implemented large telecom projects for industrial and commercial structures, major financial and insurance companies, as well as for public organizations.

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