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SubCom understands that effective implementation means the ability to meet real time situations whether at sea and on shore in order to keep the project moving. The wet plant installation phase consists of three key components: Shore End Installation, Burial, and Deep Sea Installation. SubCom uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art computerized systems to manage the cable lay process in all three components. SubCom implements the engineered plan with the flexibility to respond to emerging, real-time events at sea without delay.

The dry plant installation and testing phase consists of land cable installation, engineering, equipment installation, and system testing.

No matter how unique the landing, SubCom can provide vessels and equipment to successfully land the cable. From the Arctic to the tropics, dynamically positioned platforms to small boats, deep burial to articulated pipe, SubCom can provide the shore-end solution that is the most efficient for our customer. SubCom is especially adept at incorporating local resources into the shore end solution, which provides cost-effective support as well as invaluable local knowledge of the waterfront.

SubCom has installed equipment in numerous submarine cable stations all over the world and our installation division is an integral part of our quality system. Our standard construction processes will ensure a system that meets design requirements and local codes.

The final step to complete undersea telecommunications projects is system testing. SubCom's testing group develops test plans and conducts field testing to ensure that the system meets its performance specifications.

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