SubCom supplies system documentation related to equipment, manufacturing, installation, testing, operation and maintenance. This world-class documentation allows customers to be able to effectively operate and maintain their systems throughout the system design life.

To ensure the on-time and accurate delivery of system documentation, SubCom employs a team of documentation specialists to gather, review, deliver and track all the documentation deliverables that are generated during planning and installation of an undersea fiber optic cable system or upgrade to an existing system.

This comprehensive set of deliverables, which consists of everything from design and development plans to raw test data, to detailed nautical charting and technical user’s manuals, is painstakingly reviewed against contract requirements, customer feedback and established standards of excellence. The documents are then packaged for delivery in a variety of formats including thermal-printed CDs and DVDs, as well as the classic loose leaf binders and boxes of machine-folded charts. Electronic documentation is presented in a number of file formats from spreadsheets to presentations, to specialized drawing programs and text-based interlinked PDF files. Electronic documentation delivery, as accomplished via our Internet File Exchange (IFX) system or SiteScape, our web-based file sharing system, is fast, secure and easy to use.

The SubCom Documentation Team is in a unique position, as one of the few groups that operates within all phases of project implementation, to ensure that all deliverables are uniform in both content and appearance and befitting of the world’s only fully integrated supplier of undersea fiber optic cable systems.

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