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Dry Plant

Equipment Installation

SubCom designs, engineers and installs all terminal transmission and related equipment at the cable stations. SubCom’s engineering and installation responsibilities include:

  • Site survey of cable stations to ensure proper engineering of installation materials for the cable stations
  • Installation Drawing Handbook, which defines how and where equipment will be installed
  • Safe equipment installation

Terrestrial Cable Installation

SubCom offers a full range of terrestrial construction services in order to deliver undersea bandwidth from beach landing to the destination cities. This includes outside plant (OSP) from beach manhole to cable stations, backhaul, terminal repeater stations, amplifier huts, and Points of Presence (PoP).

Terrestrial cable installation includes:

  • Pulling optical, powered, and ground cables through conduit between manholes or hand holes along the terrestrial route
  • Splicing of cables
  • Testing of cables


SubCom will perform Acceptance Tests to demonstrate that all the power feed, terminal transmission, and related equipment are operating properly and that there is confidence that they will continue to operate satisfactorily throughout their Design Life. Upon completion, these tests should:

  • Verify that the system performance and operational features meet the overall system specifications
  • Obtain reference information to aid in future maintenance and fault location activities
  • Build confidence in continuing satisfactory operation

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