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SubCom installs and maintains cable systems around the world. Accompanying our fleet of ships is our suite of submersibles, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and sea plows. These tools aid in the burial and inspection of installed cable.

SubCom deploys a group of ROVs consisting of Perry Tritch Triton ST200 Series vehicles and Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd. (SMD) Nereus vehicles. Each is specifically designed with sophisticated features to meet the burial requirements of today’s telecommunications cable market.

Also aiding in cable burial work, SubCom’s team of sea plows is capable of installing cable, cable splice boxes and repeaters in deep water.

Submersible Equipment Fact Sheets

Arado Plow (PDF)

MD3 Plow (PDF)

Nereus ROV (PDF)

Sea Stallion 1 Plow (PDF)

Sea Stallion 2 Plow (PDF)

Sea Stallion 3 Plow (PDF)

Sea Stallion Shore End Plow (PDF)

Sea Plow VII (PDF)

Sea Plow VIII (PDF)

ST200 Series ROV (PDF)

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