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Fishing Liason & Cable Awareness

Your undersea cable system is a valuable asset that needs ongoing protection. SubCom’s Fishery Liaison and Cable Awareness services can greatly lower the risk of damage to your undersea cable system. Bringing to bear more than 50 years of construction experience and system ownership knowledge, SubCom’s team can design and implement a cost effective cable awareness solution that protects your cable.

SubCom’s expertise in fishing risk management and fishery liaison on a global scale can provide just the help that cable owners need in order to understand and reduce risks from the earliest project planning stages through installation and maintenance. SubCom works cooperatively with fishing organizations in diverse regions at the early phases of system planning and on into system installation. Leveraging the fisheries database and relationships with other sea bed users around the world, SubCom identifies local risks to cable systems and distributes cable information to seabed users in formats tailored for local conditions. These activities contribute to better relations among different maritime industries, increasing the safety of the cable and other seabed users.

“Oregon fishermen have a great relationship with the submarine cable industry, due in no small part to the efforts of SubCom,” said Scott McMullen, Chairman Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee. “I have been impressed with the way SubCom works with the fishing fleet to avoid conflicts. They have a good understanding of how to address issues before they become problems. SubCom has demonstrated a high degree of integrity in working with the Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee to cooperatively address fishing issues.”

SubCom maintains strong ties with local and national agencies, fishing organizations, and businesses to ensure safe environmental practices. SubCom’s representatives serve on the Executive Committee of the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC), the North American Submarine Cable Association (NASCA), and the United Kingdom Cable Protection Committee (UKCPC). These organizations of cable owners, operators and suppliers are focused on protecting cable installations, sharing the seabed in harmony, and promoting marine safety.

SubCom can provide a 24-hour hotline that fishermen can call in case of suspected cable snags.

Cable route position lists, electronic cable awareness charts for selected areas, and more details are available by contacting:
TE SubCom
Marine Liaison
250 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, New Jersey 07724 USA
Voice: +1 973-216-2096

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