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Accurate and complete cable records are essential for the successful maintenance of cable systems. SubCom’s Geographic Information System (GIS) can help alleviate the issues of record maintenance and documentation.

SubCom utilizes our web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage the marine data for systems we have either installed or are maintaining. The information system makes the data accessible to authorized users around the world through a web-based interface. The GIS takes traditional paper-based map information and transforms it into an interactive environment, which aids in the accurate and quick analysis of cable routes. A traditional paper map provides the location of undersea fiber optic cable routes, but does not display other important information. In the GIS environment, many other attributes become part of the map at the users’ discretion.

The website is designed to be the central point of access for information deemed necessary to maintain a cable system. The advantage of a web-based service is that multiple users can simultaneously view the latest data at any time, from any location, via the Internet.

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