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Jointing Services

Cable Jointing Services: From piecepart kits, to tools, to training, SubCom offers Jointing solutions to meet your needs. SubCom remains at the forefront of submarine cable jointing technologies. We provide a full range of services including:

  • MJ, UJ and UQJ Joint Piecepart Kits
  • Jointer and instructor training
  • Tools and equipment
  • Calibration
  • Outside plant supplies
  • Mobile marine jointing workshop rentals

SubCom offers the Millennia Joint (MJ) and the Universal Jointing (UJ) products that assure common repair techniques for different sub-systems. SubCom continues to support and maintain the following products:

  • Universal Joints (UJ), Universal Couplings (UC) and Universal Quick Joint (UQJ)
  • Millennia Joint (MJ) — used in the factory and marine construction of all SubCom cable networks and to make repairs or provide an interconnect joint between different cable suppliers.

SubCom offers a full line of piecepart kits and equipment supply for most subsea and land cable applications.


SubCom’s training schools located in the USA and Spain offer the following training in English (other languages are available upon request):

  • Shipboard Jointing including UJ, UC, UQJ, Millennia Joints
  • Land Jointing for both optical and power cables
  • Training can also take place at your company location. Cable owners know that if their installation or maintenance providers employ jointers trained by SubCom, their cables will be handled efficiently and skillfully.

For more information about our jointing services:

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