SubCom - Process

Dry Plant

The SubCom “Dry Plant” facility is a 75,000-square-foot facility that incorporates assembly, splicing, functional testing, systems integration, and factory acceptance testing.

The system components that are produced within the facility include the following:

  • Terminal Equipment
  • High Performance Optical Equipment (HPOE)
  • Command Channel Equipment (CCE)
  • Terminal Line Amplifiers (TLA)
  • Initial Loading Equipment (ILE)
  • Wavelength Termination Equipment (WTE)
  • Line Monitoring Equipment (LME)
  • TE Element Management System (TEMS)

SLTE Equipment is built to exact manufacturing test requirements, utilizing state of the art assembly and functional test processes. Upon receipt, high-tech optical and electrical components are inspected by IPC and J-standard qualified inspectors. Electrical components are inspected and tested following a rigorous test process that includes IPC inspection, electrical testing, and non-operating thermal cycle testing.

These high-tech components and circuit boards are assembled into a circuit module (CM) level and functionally tested, over temperature, using state-of-the-art automated test software. These circuit modules (CM) are then assembled into a circuit pack (CP). Circuit packs are then fully functionally tested, over temperature, using a fully automated test process. A typical circuit pack will be subjected to over 4,000 measurements at a single stage in the manufacturing process. All product testing is performed by fully trained engineering technicians.

Upon completion of these three levels of assembly and certification testing, circuit packs are integrated into shelves and bays where they undergo shelf and bay level certification testing. Bays of tested SLTE equipment are then integrated into line pairs, where they undergo line pair testing, which simulates system configurations found in the field. Up to 32 bi-directional customer channels can be tested simultaneously at bay and line pair level testing.

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