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Network Maintenance

We bring the full capability of SubCom’s experienced Maintenance Administration team to our customers’ challenges. The SubCom Maintenance Administration team delivers quality repairs and documentation, and utilizes world-class cable ships to meet the ever challenging advances in the fiber optic industry.

The team is trained in the following critical functions:

  • Repair planning
  • Fault localization
  • Shipboard repair management

SubCom Maintenance Administration offers innovative pathways for your record keeping requirements through a one-stop, web-based solution. Accessible from anywhere in the world via a secure Intranet site, the website enables any authorized cable system owner to review relevant technical data, from route position lists to shore-end landing tide tables. Before or after system deployment, SubCom also offers instruction and education on cable awareness in either one-on-one or sessions or in larger meetings with local fishermen. This education helps protect the system assets of the cable system owner through collaborative efforts. For system owner staff, SubCom can conduct cable station training and can assist in fault localization.

Maintenance Ships

The powerful, dynamically positioned vessels of the SubCom fleet are capable of sustained cable operations in harsh weather conditions. Each vessel is typically outfitted with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and either a 1.5-meter or 3-meter capable sea plow. VSAT communications equipment ensures that broadband connectivity is available to the ship’s crew while the vessel is deployed. The ship’s unique arrangement of twin cable drums and a linear cable engine provides redundancy and flexibility to install and repair any existing cable system.

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Global Technical Support Center

SubCom Offers Premium Technical and Post Warranty Support.

  • Our many technical support plans can be tailored to meet your specific needs by incorporating a combination of:
  • Expert technical consultation on Operations, Maintenance, Transmission Equipment, Power Equipment, Undersea Network and Network Management Issues
  • Return and repair services
  • Network restoration planning and consultation
  • Land cable repairs
  • Undersea cable repair, maintenance and cable protection
  • Expanded training and recertification at the customer location or at a SubCom location, at the system level or equipment level
  • Parts storage for the replenishment of consumables and spare cable, joints, or equipment.

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