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Oil & Gas and Scientific Applications

New and existing production platforms require secure, stable and expandable communications capabilities. As a pioneer of communications solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, SubCom maintains a team of individuals who are experts in this industry’s special requirements.

Advantages of Using Undersea Fiber Communications

Secure Communication Channels allow for:

  • A dedicated communications path from rig to shore
  • No dependency on other platforms

Significant capacity for future expansion, which means:

  • Voice, data, and video services grow as your needs do
  • Remote troubleshooting for efficient resolution
  • Data from down-hole monitoring or seismic sensors for early warning

High Reliability to support ongoing communications:

  • Submarine cable generally unaffected by significant weather events (hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis)
  • No communication downtime from antenna misalignments
  • Rapid re-manning after storms
  • Availability that is typically 99.999%
  • Performance: SubCom’s systems have more than 660,000,000 amplifier pair operational hours over the last decade without outage affective service


  • Ease of adding or re-prioritizing platforms
  • Upgradeable and expandable

Cost effective Solutions

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