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Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

From the very beginning, SubCom has been a leader in defining the undersea cable industry. We continue that proud tradition today as we drive ever-improving quality and efficiency of undersea data transmission. SubCom designs, manufactures, deploys, maintains, and operates modern networks with an industry-leading track record for delivery and performance, providing the most comprehensive technical and marine expertise, with the highest quality, and most reliable solutions.

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Our Capabilities


SubCom combines our research and development, broad product portfolio, manufacturing facilities, fleet of ships, and management team to offer numerous unique capabilities for implementing flexible and scalable repeaterless to ultra-long-haul undersea networks. We engineer custom-tailored systems anywhere on the planet.

With a tradition of exceptional reliability, performance and service, and technical expertise, we support our customers’ needs from system design, permitting and marine engineering solutions, manufacturing, installation, to system testing for traditional data transport requirements, as well as scientific and oil and gas applications.

Our industry-leading track record allows us to provide robust, highly reliable installed systems on time that deliver the most value to our customers while consistently exceeding expectations for performance and partnership.


Marine Maintenance:
For more than half a century, SubCom’s fleet has sailed the oceans of the world, maintaining the undersea cables that form the backbone of the international communications network. Maintenance is performed by the industry’s most capable fleet of cable ships from their strategic locations around the globe.

System Operations:
SubCom’s Global Technical Support Center (GTSC) provides dedicated support to troubleshoot system issues and SubCom’s Network Operations Center (NOC) services provide support to keep systems operating smoothly and efficiently 24/7/365.

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Customer Testimonials

"Since the implementation of the Svalbard system in 2004, Space Norway has enjoyed a strong and enduring relationship with SubCom. For over 14 years, SubCom has delivered unprecedented support for this unique cable system, providing uninterrupted service during three capacity upgrades and a CLS equipment consolidation and relocation operation, helping to meet Space Norway's current and future growth requirements. We strongly believe in SubCom's project management and engineering teams to deliver upgrades with professionalism and dedication, and when coupled with the long-term support provided by their Global Technical Support Center (GTSC), we benefit from a level of service and commitment that is second to none in the industry."

Jostein Rønneberg CEO of Space Norway

"Following a very successful transition to SubCom in 2017 as the new supplier for Telstra’s subsea maintenance requirements in the South Pacific Marine Maintenance Zone, the team has continued to provide exceptional levels of service, from the finance team right through to the operational team. It is great to have such a high level of engagement and support."

David Copeland Senior Procurement of Telstra

"The collaboration between MainOne and SubCom for the MainOne system was a great success that brought connectivity and economic opportunity along Africa’s west coast. SubCom’s superior technology created a robust and highly-reliable system, and the excellent teamwork and ongoing support we’ve received from everyone at SubCom is again front and center, on our latest MainOne expansion. We couldn’t imagine doing this with any company other than SubCom."

Funke Opeke CEO of MainOne Cable Company

"SubCom provided us with an innovative and flexible solution which included a lifecycle partnership through their remote NOC services and commitment to retain a maintenance vessel in our region."

Simon Fletcher CEO of Interchange

"I’m impressed with SubCom’s quick adaptation to mould flexible solutions that meet market demands and customer needs. Tailoring towards the needs of the future…that’s a key thing for me."

Nigel Bayliff CEO of Aqua Comms

"The SubCom culture fits perfectly with our developer mindset. SubCom found solutions on terms and design to accommodate our requirements and evolutions, during the system design and then during the implementation."

Remi Galasso CEO of Hawaiki

We are very pleased to be working with SubCom to extend our Norwegian sustainable data center and network infrastructure. The quality and experience they have delivered to Norway´s two cables from Andenes to Svalbard above the Arctic Circle makes a very convincing reference to us.

Peder Naerboe Chairman and Owner of Bulk Infrastructure

Recent Projects

Oman Australia Cable


An international subsea cable system that will directly connect Muscat, Oman to Perth, Australia.


Cable System

Unique international collaboration to transform regional speed, resilience, and affordability

Diamond Link Global

Cable System

SubCom announces agreement to build Diamond Link Global cable system linking Georgia and Romania.


Mogadishu Branch

Djibouti Telecom, Somtel, and SubCom announce Mogadishu branch of DARE1 cable system. Somtel joins DARE1 submarine cable system, the high-capacity, short-haul cable system that will connect Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya.


Senegal & Ivory Coast

SubCom chosen to extend MainOne Cable System to francophone region. New landings designated for 7,000km submarine communications cable stretching from Portugal to West Africa.


Cable System

Google selects SubCom to design and deploy Dunant cable system. Dunant submarine cable system will link the East Coast of the United States to Europe.


Cable System

Consortium including Facebook, Google, announces contract in force for SubCom as supplier for HAVFRUE cable system. First new undersea cable to traverse Northern Atlantic, connecting mainland Northern Europe to U.S.A., in nearly twenty years.

Recent News

28 JULY 2020
Announcing the Grace Hopper subsea cable, linking the U.S., U.K. and Spain

SubCom mentioned in Google Cloud Blog

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22 JULY 2020
All Systems Go: Manatua Consortium Confirms One Polynesia Fibre Cable Ready to Light Up the South Pacific

Leaders of the four nations behind the Manatua One Polynesia Cable Project have announced that the cable was accepted last week from turnkey supplier and submarine cable leader, SubCom.

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5 MARCH 2020
Oman Australia Cable (OAC) Enters Full Contract In Force Status with Target Completion December 2021

OAC has entered Contract In Force status (CIF) with its final system connection expected to be completed in December, 2021. The project delivers a new international subsea cable system identified as “OAC” that will directly connect Muscat, Oman to Perth, Australia.

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17 FEBRUARY 2020
Manatua Consortium Confirms Cable Lay Operations Complete

Groundbreaking 3600km cable successfully deployed across South Pacific on time. Landings in Tahiti & Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Rarotonga & Aitutaki in Cook Islands; Niue and Samoa Successfully Completed.

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Djibouti Telecom, Somtel, Telkom Kenya and SubCom announce the completion of the manufacturing aspects of the DARE1 submarine cable

Cable loading commenced on November 13, 2019; cable is on track for RFPA in June 2020

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MainOne and SubCom announce branches to Ivory Coast and Senegal are Ready for Service on MainOne Cable System

Additional system connectivity provides advanced communication abilities in Western Africa

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15 NOVEMBER 2019
R&D Council of New Jersey Hosts 40th Annual Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards

SubCom receives patent award for “Spatial Division Multiplexed Optical Communication Systems and Amplifiers for the Same”

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14 NOVEMBER 2019
Curie subsea cable set to transmit to Chile, with a pit stop to Panama

SubCom mentioned in Google Cloud Blog

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Manatua Consortium Summit Gives Green Light to Start Cable Lay

A crucial meeting of regional telecommunications leaders has approved the final stages of planning for the installation of the Manatua – One Polynesia Cable.

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SubCom achieves qualification for High Fiber Count (HFC) cable, begins manufacturing

Factory upgrades and enhancements to manufacturing capabilities demonstrate SubCom's ongoing commitment to quality and efficiency in technology, services, processes and management systems.

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